Infinity and Below



Team: Infinity and Below

Category: University

School: Carnegie Mellon University

Team Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Members: Tiffany Lai, Susie Lee, Marisa Lu


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Tiffany Lai

Susie Lee

Marisa Lu







Quotes from team: “By researching the advantages of it and comparing it to other renewable energies, I learned that geothermal energy is not only cost effective, but also a viable solution to a cleaner, greener energy future. Its benefits outweigh many other renewable energy sources, which was something I had never considered before.”

“Geothermal systems is a practical solution to the energy crisis as a renewable resource that is able to provide more energy than the remaining oil and gas. EGS is stable as well in terms of cost as it does not depend on other sources in order to operate. Geothermal energy is an alternative resource that should be heavily considered.”