Autumn Johnson, Priscilla Grover photo

Cassandra Koerner, Allison Corona photo

Autumn T. Johnson joined the Energy Policy Institute (EPI) staff as assistant director in October 2016. Her duties include business development and project management. This includes finding, writing and administering grants and working with professors and researchers at the four CAES universities, Idaho National Laboratory and other academic institutions. Other responsibilities include project coordination, especially sponsor-recruitment for EPI’s annual Energy Policy Research Conference, which will be held this September in Park City, Utah.

A graduate of University of Oregon School of Law, Johnson is also an adjunct professor in Boise State University’s (BSU) College of Business and Economics, where she teaches business law. She holds a Master of Business Administration from Seattle University, and is pursuing a doctoral degree in public policy at BSU.

Cassandra Koerner joined the EPI team in January 2017 as project coordinator, providing key research support and coordinating work among affiliated collaborators. She holds a master’s degree in public administration from Boise State University and a master’s in political science and environmental policy from Colorado State University. She earned her bachelor’s degree in natural resource conservation from the University of Montana.

In the public and private sectors, Koerner has worked on several regional environmental impact projects as a researcher, technical writer, and budget manager. Her involvement with forestry-related inquiries early in her career provided a broad scientific framework on which to build policy investigations. She has published articles and book chapters regarding nuclear perceptions, renewable energy in the western United States, carbon sequestration, and international carbon markets, as well as others on general energy and environmental issues.

Besides the core staff, EPI is composed of educators and professional researchers from the five CAES institutions and affiliated researchers from around the world. Through funded reports, peer-reviewed articles and research collaborations, EPI seeks to inform and educate policy makers and other stakeholders about clean energy policy research, including nuclear energy and small modular reactors. To date, EPI has been awarded more than 20 grants and contracts totaling more than $5 million.

From CAES News Feb. – Apr. 2017. Download the PDF issue here.